Crochet Stalemate

Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to work diligently on my Sophie’s Universe. However, the pattern has not kept my interest, and in all honesty, has become somewhat of a “job” for me. So I spoke with my partner, and we agreed to leave it as a lapghan for my rocking chair.

sophie lapghan

So the tote that’s currently filled with my scrap yarn, will no longer be used for this blanket, but for a simple Corner2Corner blanket.  This blanket I will be using for my camping blanket or dragged about where ever I go to snuggle down.

Now as for the blanket I want to create for the local Fall Fair, I’m at a bit of a loss.  I adore the Mandala Madness blanket, but I have recently found another gorgeous blanket.  The Galaxy of Change has stolen my eye, and I keep looking at the pattern.

I do think I should make the “mini” version for the loveseat, and maybe the larger version for the Fair.  What do you all think?

Time to think.  *grin*


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