An Exciting New Prospect

Over this past weekend, my partner and I completely reorganised our home.  To the tune of moving furniture, purging unwanted/unneeded items, and really opening up our space.  I now have an office of sorts – it also doubles as our dining room, as my main craft table is our dining room.

I’m feeling very accomplished and creative now.  While organising things, I found my pads of graph drawing paper. So now, I want to sit and create.  However, I still have a few projects on the go.  So, I will finish my friend’s baby blanket (which I had better hustle on, as she’s due in May), my Sophie’s Universe Blanket, and my knit stocking beanie.

Once those are done, I can start on my Fall Fair project and sit with my paper and see what original designs I can come up with.  I’m looking forward to stretching my creative wings and seeing what is in this noggin of mine.

There’s also a couple new ongoing things in my life I’m excited to share with you all.  First, I was hired on at my local Starbucks, so this coffee addict is now enabling others to the blessed brew.  Which also means, I can start to save up and get some new wool and yarn to play with.  I’m also the provincial representative for Octopus for a Preemie Canada /  Pieuvres pour Bébés Prématurés Canada.  So whenever I can make it to WalMart to pick up a skein of cotton, I make wee octopi for preemies.  Being the provincial rep means all the donated octopi in my province come to me, I inspect them for our strict safety standards, then send them out to the accepting hospitals.  It’s a wonderful feeling, especially since my partner is totally on board with this project.

So with that being said, I’m going back to sit in my rocking chair, watch my PVR shows and crochet.  If it’s snowing where you are – like it is here, I hope you stay warm, and you have a great, creative day!


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