Creatively Bedridden

Last week, I was able to go to a conference in Vancouver where I was able to sit and knit the entire course.  It was educational and very relaxing.

When I got home, my partner and I started purging the house.  I just want to have only what we need, but to have a clutter free and dust free home.  That, and all of our storage boxes are in the exact spot where I want to set up my crafting studio.

While I was gone, I ducked into Michael’s to pick up a set of knitting circulars for my current knitting project.  I love the fact these needles don’t have a long cable.  Perfect for small projects.

While I was there, I stumbled onto some Caron Cakes that called to me.  I normally didn’t like the colorway, but for some reason I had to have these.  So I picked up two Red Velvet Caron Cakes. They sat in my car the entire weekend, waiting for me to figure a project out for them.

Red Velvet Caron Cakes
Red Velvet Caron Cakes

It didn’t feel right to make something for me with them, so even when I got home Sunday morning, they just sat.

But, alas, the perfect project presented itself.  A dear friend is in the hospital, and while I can’t be with her in person, I thought to make a prayer shawl for her.  It’s called Say A Little Prayer Shawl, and with this yarn, it’s working up so lovely.

Say A Little Prayer Shawl in Red Velvet Caron Cakes
Say A Little Prayer Shawl in Red Velvet Caron Cakes

It’s growing quickly, and I’m loving how cozy it is.  Hopefully my friend likes it. It’s a nice little project to work on while I’m under the weather, and bedridden for the time being.  I can’t believe how peaceful knitting and crocheting makes me.



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