New Fibre Journey

So, today I took the first step in my New Year’s promise to myself, and I picked up some knitting needles and am teaching myself to knit. And while I am teaching myself to knit, I’ve decided to review a set of circular needles I picked up at my local Wal-Mart.

First of all, I have to admit, the project I picked as my learning project isn’t really an easy one.  It’s a hat … from The Pussy Hat Project.  I don’t have any pink, but I’m making a blue one to test, and if it works out, I am going to get some real wool, in a nice soft pink to make.

The yarn I have is just cheapo stuff out of my scrap bin, so my Sophie will be a little short of one colour.

Knitting and Supernatural! :)
Knitting and Supernatural! 🙂

The needles I that I decided to us were the Love Knitting  5mm/US 8 bamboo circulars.  At first grasp, the bamboo was nice and slick.  However the cord connecting the two sides was very stiff, even steaming it didn’t loosen it.  I powered on and started to knit.  Three rows into the ribbing, the needles splintered, and I was unable to continue with this particular set.  So I dug out a pair of aluminum straights.  So I wouldn’t suggest getting a cheap set of needles if you want to do anything with bamboo.


The nice thing about doing a hat as my project, I can bring it with me anywhere.  So when I went out today to visit my old workplace for coffee, I was able to bring it with me.  But, by the time I got home, the various places I had ended up (applied for a new job, and did a touch of grocery shopping), I decided to continue knitting tomorrow.

When my partner came home, I told them about what I was up to, and pulled out the knitting to show them.  But, when I did so, the project had slipped off the needles, and I ended up having to pull it all out.

I’m starting again, but I’m a touch frustrated that two hours of work was shot.  Started redoing it already, and am finding the ribbing going a lot smoother, so yay?

However, the glutton for punishment that I am, I’m thinking about knitting myself a cardigan sweater to wear for whatever new job I come to next.  Positive thinking.  This is a fibre art, and I’m obsessed.

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