A New Star in my Universe

Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long for me to start a new long term project.  Since giving the Mandala Madness blanket to my step-dad for Christmas, I’ve been wanting my own.  So, I found another pattern to work on, between designing and learning to knit.

Meet Sophie’s Universe.  This was designed by Dedri Uys, and can be found at Look At What I Made. Again, it’s a crochet-a-long from 2015 (and I swear, one day I will do a crochet-a-long when it’s active and with the suggested wool), and will be using up the last of my stash (holy moly I have a lot of odds and ends – nothing to do a complete project with).  I’ve already finished Part One and Part Two.

Since today has been really blustery, cold and the power keeps flickering, I will be logging off the computer and working on Part Three.

See below for the photos of what i have done so far, and click the tag “Sophie’s Universe” to see any updates as they come along.

Sophie's Universe Part 01
Sophie’s Universe Part 01


Sophie's Universe Part 02
Sophie’s Universe Part 02

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