And Life Goes on …

So the past few weeks have been busy … in both good and bad ways.  Work has been really busy (awesome), took a social media vacation – to concentrate on recipe creation and crochet (awesome again) and playing Legion – a World of Warcraft expansion.  Didn’t get a lot of recipes done, as the game was amazing.  I did, however get lots of crocheting done.  Can’t post about it here, as there is a chance the recipients actually read this.

I’m concentrating a lot on Christmas presents right now, and have almost all of them done.  Just need to finish my step-father’s and the kitchen stuff, and done!  Loving this, since it’s not even November yet!

The past few days have been hard emotionally, as a dear friend is going through some really hard times.  Her Dad had been really ill, and today, he passed away.  My heart is broken for her, and I hate that she has to deal with this.

However, I am creating something special for her, and her mother. I hope to have them done by Saturday.  Just wanted to post in here to let you all know I’ve not forgotten.

I do have photos to show you, some of the things I’ve been working on.  So, in no particular order ….


Blueberry Cream Pie
Kitten Loves
Mandala Part 11 Finished
Mandala Close Up

3 thoughts on “And Life Goes on …

    1. The mandala was to be mine, as I tried to make it ugly (blindly grabbing stash), but my Dad has been gushing on how gorgeous it is, and how much he loves it …. which he really never says about any of my work … so I’m gifting it to him for Christmas 🙂

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