Charmed, I’m Sure

The past couple of weeks have been hectic, and a wee bit stressful.  Himself has been ill with recurring migraines, we lost a family member due to a tragic accident, and Madame Klutz over here stepped on a screw.

Himself is now fine … having taken the required rest and medication, and I am no worse for wear.

That’s the kick in the pants I’ve needed to pity myself and finally decide the next project on my hook will be for me.  For years, I’ve wanted a large blanket I could curl up with, take camping, have on our bed, that’s just MINE.  I now have the pattern, and am testing my chops on making it.

It’s the Mandala Madness pattern found on Crystals & Crochet.  The designer is Helen Shrimpton, and she’s so sweet.  There is a Facebook group, I belong to where we can show what we’ve been doing with her design, and each time I’ve posted a photo, she’s liked it, and commented.  It’s amazing how wonderful one feels when the designer of a piece likes your take on it, AND comments on how much she likes it.

There are 18 total weeks to this project, and I am just about to start Week 5 … I’m so far behind everyone else, but it’s taken me a while to pick up the hook again.

Thanks to this pattern, the different stitches, and it’s complexity, I’m starting to think about designing again.  I will post on this blog any info on this upcoming project.

Each time I finish a section of this project, I post it on my Instagram.  Pop over there to see how far I’ve gotten, as well as see random projects that pop up from day to day.

Ta for now.

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